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Mac client is not syncing, any ideas?

Ok, for some reason the blue check-mark next to the sync folder was deselected:
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Undecrypted files/folders on MEGA.NZ

I am running into similar issues and i have already contacted the MEGA's support center. I will come back with more details when I get a response. I'm only able to reproduce the problem with a folder ...
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What should I do if my email has been registered for an account that I didn't create?

If you did not create the account, just flag it as spam and block it. It may be just a trick. It is very likely someone either mistakenly put your email in there or it may be spam. Don't sign in or ...
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How does the download progress-bar work?

Calculating the % of bytes already downloaded is an easy task once you have in hands the total bytes already download and the total filesize. The file transfer may occur in any method, such as ...
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For how long the data I received from someone through MEGA is saved there?

Depends... If you received your 18GB package as a link and you added (imported) it to your account (storage) it will stay there forever so you can review it whenever you wish. If you didn't add it to ...
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Undecrypted files/folders on MEGA.NZ

Had this error: "This file will be decrypted as soon as the cryptographic key becomes available (when the share creator logs in again)." This message is completely useless, as already ...
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Undecrypted files/folders on MEGA.NZ

It's most likely a fallback protection against misuse by having multiple accounts share their contents with one master account bypassing the space quota limitation. I've tried to import the shared ...
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