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How can one configure MS Teams so that guests can bypass the lobby by default for all my meetings?

There are two settings involved here that affect whether a particular type of meeting participant bypasses the lobby: Organizer's Default Lobby Policy Organizer's Per-Meeting Setting Organizer's ...
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Microsoft Teams -- Where's the meeting tab?

Buried on a Microsoft support page is this section: Issue: Missing Meetings icon in the left nav bar Symptom: The Meetings icon on the app bar is currently only enabled for users whose mailbox ...
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Microsoft Teams Switching To Wrong Account

You can try using incognito browsers for multiple sessions. I personally use the desktop application for one account and the browser for the other account. The issue is around cookies being cached on ...
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Create permanent video meeting link in Microsoft Teams

No, as of April 2020, there is no such feature. However, it has been requested and interested users can vote to bring it to Microsoft's attention and raise their priority of treating it: https://...
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Looking for a simple way to announce attendance

Update after a couple of years: The company I work for, have found a solution outside of Office 365, in the form of a paid platform called OfficeSpace. Unfortunatly I didn't find it integrated into ...
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Looking for a simple way to announce attendance

Here's what I would do: Create a Microsoft List called Upcoming Attendance. Fields would be user (linked to AD), date, office location (dropdown), and comments. Somewhere in Teams and/or Sharepoint ...
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Log In to Microsoft Teams

Try using : Chrome in incognito mode Another Chrome profile Another web browser Clear the caché and delete the cookies on Chrome
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