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How can I export a Microsoft Office 365 Word online document to PDF without comments?

One can click on View: then Print:
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Copying/Pasting a word doc with images into a gmail

Try uploading the Word doc to Google drive, and then editing it there so it turns into a Docs file. Then copy and paste from that. (In general, copy and paste from Microsoft products to browser-...
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How to turn off smart paragraph selection in the Microsoft Word 365 Web app?

Word Online doesn't include all the features than Word for Windows / Mac. Microsoft includes on the feature documentation the supported editions / versions. The article about the Word Advanced Options,...
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How to remove a Section Break from Word?

So I don’t have my computer here right now but if you’re able to pop open mobile I can walk you through what I did to recreate/solve the problem. It should work similarly on the web app just a ...
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Is there a single URL that opens Word 365 and a new blank document in a single step?

Typing '' then Enter in the browser address bar, or using a shortcut to, will open a new document in Microsoft Word on the web. Alternatively, the application's name 'word', ...
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Using Google Docs to fit criteria set by professor for paper

You can find free versions of Word on the Android and Apple stores. This might be enough for the assignment (although I have no experience with them). Another option is Word Online, which is ...
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