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15 votes

Setting an account picture for "other" accounts when using the Gmail mobile app

Try this! It worked for me - although the email address I used was a forwarded business email address (eg. [email protected]) forwarded to my [email protected] account - but it might work with ...
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14 votes

How to switch to GitHub mobile website?

I know this is a 5 year old post, but it is still the first Google hit for "GitHub Switch to Mobile Version" and several other variants. The solution to add "?mobile=1" still works at least in some ...
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13 votes

Force Wikipedia to always work in mobile version on desktop PC

Yes, there is, it's just not very intuitive because although it is a configuration option, it's not related to mobile devices itself. Assuming you have a Wikipedia Account and that you're already ...
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10 votes

Set language of Wikipedia article on mobile page

It's certainly non-obvious. Under the title of the article, if there are other languages available, is an icon that looks like a kanji letter and the letter "A". Tap that and it will offer the ...
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4 votes

How to switch to GitHub mobile website?

Go here and check the mobile settings. Opt into mobile. You may have to toggle it to kick in.
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3 votes

How do you search for images with transparent backgrounds?

Search > Tools > Color > Transparent
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3 votes

Insert a linebreak in a Google Spreadsheet cell on an iPad

Per David Wreesman: each line needs to be in quotes, with &char(10)& in between each line. For example, ="Dear Jane,"&char(10)&"I love you."&char(10)&"...
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2 votes

Google Sheets slow - 1. mobile? 2. why? 3. importrange

On the desktop it's running as JavaScript code inside a browser. On the mobile it's a native app, and also has more limited functionality. That can explain the difference. I'm not sure but it's also ...
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2 votes

Buttons don't work on iPad with Google Sheets - the onEdit(e) workaround isn't working. Suggestions?

Event object fields are text strings, but if you use .getRange().getValue() to get the real value in a cell, the possible values of a checkbox cell with default settings are the Booleans true and ...
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2 votes

A direct link to my Facebook review page doesn't load it on mobile (it simply opens the fb app)

Facebook has replaced reviews with recommendations ( I also have not (yet) found a way to leave ...
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1 vote

How to switch to GitHub mobile website?

Chromium web dev toolbar "Toggle device toolbar" It is likely detected from user agent. Chromium's builtin web dev toolbar can easily switch to a mobile user agent for you: Ctrl + Shift + C Click ...
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1 vote

Why are some videos not available in mobile?

Copyright owners can decide whether or not they want to make a video available on mobile. In this case, it appears they decided that they didn't make it available.
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1 vote

How do I make a phone number a clickable link in the Trello iOS app?

You can use Markdown syntax for links format as [link text](link_href) to make it work. In the description of the card you can make link like this [clickable word](tel:1234567890) so the words '...
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1 vote

Howto sync offline sheet from Sheets app

When you do online work in a mobile application, loss of connection will be displayed as a message of No connection. You can still edit recent files or create new ones. This means that you can ...
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1 vote

How to view Google Books previews on mobile device (Android or iOS)?

My phone doesn't have space to download more google apps so what a I do is insert that after the id tag in the URL: &pg=PA0&newbks=1&source=gb_mobile_entity For example https://books....
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1 vote

How to view Google Books previews on mobile device (Android or iOS)?

I think that you are missing that some books in Google Books are only available as they were scanned from libraries. If they isn't mobile friendly format you should get a device with a bigger screen. ...
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1 vote

How do I disable Google AMP in search results on iOS?

As of iOS 15, you can use the Safari extension Amplosion to automatically redirect away from AMP links.
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1 vote

How do I open on Fennec without being redirected to

Seems like overriding User Agent to with general.useragent.override to Mozilla/5.0 (X11; Linux x86_64; rv:63.0) Gecko/63.0 Firefox/63.0 works: shows real UI instead of redirect to the ...
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1 vote

If I make a YouTube video private within the YouTube website, will an embedded version of that video still be visible in a Mobile App?

You can embed private videos, but private videos can only be shared with up to 50 people and you need to be logged into a Google account to view them. What you are looking for is to make your video "...
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1 vote

Does the mobile version of LinkedIn still mess up contacts?

Before synchronizing your phone contacts LinkedIn take your permission. It do not do it automatically. And yes it still do the same with owner permission.
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1 vote

Is there a way to visit Quora in mobile URL when I'm on desktop?

You can simply change your browser's User Agent to that of a mobile browser. Quora reads the User Agent when you load the page to determine which version of the page to show. There are various tools ...
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