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2 votes

Get Gmail 2FA text verification code instead of starting YouTube app on phone?

Take comfort in the fact that you are not the first or the only one to "suffer" from this behavior. Google support 1, Google support 2, Google Nest support, Reddit 1, Reddit 2, Reddit 3 (the ...
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2 votes

How can I access my Google account while overseas?

Use a different 2FA Since you'll be traveling so often (making backup codes alone not an appealing option), you should switch from text or voice codes to authenticator codes. What this means is that ...
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1 vote

Other users are no longer able to verify our Google account using SMS

Verification via Device works for me because I am the account manager No. You are not the account manager. That is not a thing. You may have channel manager permissions on the association's YouTube ...
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1 vote

How to activate TOTP without phone number?

You can do this by enabling the "Google prompts" second factor authentication, which doesn't require a phone number. It can then be disabled afterwards. Enable the "Google prompts"...
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