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Google keeps changing their interface. As of November 2015, the steps are: Go to Click on "Connected apps & sites" Click on "Manage apps" to revoke permissions


Access the Credentials section of the project at Google Cloud Console. Click "OAuth consent screen". Input the link to "Privacy policy URL". Click "Save" button. The "Privacy policy URL" input field is outlined by a red line.


Go to your profile and settings on the Twitter website, select "Apps" from the list on the left, pick the app you don't want and select "Revoke Access".


In general, the ability to "manage" (and not just "view") your GMail includes the various actions that you might perform manually when interacting with your account via the standard web-interface. For example, such actions can include deleting, starring, labeling, and archiving individual emails -- to name just a few. I personally do not use, and ...

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