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How do I increase the width of a table in OneNote Online?

After tinkering around for a while, I discovered that the table width is fixed to the size of the parent container, which is normally not selectable for some reason when you create a new table ...
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Is there a way to save OneNote file in Google Drive with Full sync

go to and drag-drop your OneNote file or download desktop app from install it and make sure synchronization is enabled ...
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How do I un-share a OneNote notebook?

If you mean to un-share a note book that you are sharing with another person, here`s how: Hit the File tab. Click Share, from the drop down column. Go to, Invite people. You should then see a list ...
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How do I un-share a OneNote notebook?

Go to File → Share → Share with people Click on the three dots next to Send Link Click on Manage Access You should see a list of people you have shared this notebook with and you can manage them from ...
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How to backup OneNote files that are in OneDrive

Did you check the "Also backup notebooks stored on Sharepoint"? This option is actually for all notebooks that have an URL as storage location, so notebooks on OneNote as well. Also to be backed up ...
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How do I increase the width of a table in OneNote Online?

I'll add some additional information here to rob's valid answer above. One thing to note is that the width of the parent container in OneNote isn't always what it appears to be. If you paste an image ...
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