Use this tag for questions about web applications that are implementations of open-source projects when there isn't a specific tag for that implementation.


On this site you could ask questions about open-source web applications from the end-user point of view, like how to:

  • Sign-up/sign-in, recover password, change account details.
  • General features like import/export data or files.
  • Do specific end-user tasks like writing a spreadsheet formula

On-topic / off-topic

See What topics can I ask about here for general directions.

Specific tags for open source web applications on this site

Related sites on the Stack Exchange network

The below sections gives examples of sites on the Stack Exchange network that could better fit for certain kind of questions. For the complete list of available sites, please checkout

Sites for professionals / disciplines

If your question is about a web application that is a tool for professionals of specific disciplines of professions, you may want to look for a specific site on the Stack Exchange network, like:

Software recommendations

If your question is to ask help to find an open-source web application check out Software Recommendations Stack Exchange.

Troubleshooting OS related issues

If your question is about how to troubleshoot installation problems or other OS related topics, maybe the following sites could be appropriate for your question:

Open Source web applications

Open source projects could be found on sites like (listed in alphabetical order):