Here is the URL pattern: https://wma.wmflabs.org/iframe.html?wma= <latitude>_<longitude>_<width>_<height>_commons_<zoomlevel>_<language> &globe=Earth&lang=<language> <width> and <height> seem to have no effect. Example around the White House: https://wma.wmflabs.org/iframe.html?wma=38.8977_-...


A tile is just on "view" of the underlying open data. It's really just an arbitrary computation based on osm data. So, even if your "snapshot" of tiles would be only around 10GB or so, these tiles are often not just cached static images but rather have to be (pre)rendered anew, at least every once a time, because the underlying map data is changed. So: it's ...


You can use Google Map Wizard and switch on & off a vastly large amount of overlay labels:


red roads are bicycle highways (cyklomagistrála) while violet ones are unclassified unstable roads. if you zoom in you can use Query features

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