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The Public folder was a feature in Dropbox that was later removed. It now exists only for users who've signed up before it was disabled. For newer accounts, you can share a link to any file from any directory by clicking Share Link. You can't, however, get a direct public link from the context menu itself. See: What is the Public folder for? - Dropbox ...


Update youtube-upload now uses Youtube APIv3 and OAuth2, whereas GoogleCL is broken due to OAuth1 turndown. is a fork of GoogleCL, which claims to have been ported to OAuth2 (it is not available via PyPI though). Original Answer Use GoogleCL, the universal Google command line client. It's implemented in Python and ...


Dropbox links described by slhck give you everything you need to share and preview files and folders. However, if you want to use the old system of Public Folders, click below to enable one on your account. Source:


Use this straightforward tutorial on accessing the standard Youtube Cloud API, takes 10 mins to setup and gets the job done: Google happens to have its own script, and I could make it work with some, or rather a lot of, efforts mainly ...


Just email the photo to yourself (it can also serve as a backup of that picture). Or you can connect your iPhone to your computer via a USB cable. Or download a photo sharing app. Or use Dropbox. But if you want it quick, use apps that share photo via a web browser (using an IP address and port). You can download the free iOS app WiFi Photo Transfer. No ...


With the help of fseventer I was able to find the location: /Users/{username}/Library/Application Support/Google/Chrome/Default/File System/ Replace {username} by the current user.


@Andrew, I would recommend Insync - it's a client-based sync tool that runs on many OSes, including many Linux distros. It will cost you a very reasonable $15 one time - there's no recurring fee. It meets all your other requirements, including backing up the delta of the entire contents of the drive. Check out their page for Linux and their CLI reference ...


I use key [ to delete gmail post I am currently reading ... by default keyboard shortcuts are disabled ... to activate this goto Gmail click on Settings cog -> Keyboard shortcuts -> On -> hit Save Changes at bottom ... for details see


I think you have to turn on the keyboard shortcuts under setting.


I'm from México using a Spanish-ISO keyboard on a MacBook. The shortcut doesn't work with Alt+# so I used the LAB tab on Gmail settings to add "Keyboard Shortcuts by Alan S" and it's working great!


I don't use an iPad so I can't be sure, but if I haven't ticked the 'archive document in your kindle library' then the document doesn't get sent to the cloud. So the only copy you need to delete is the one on your iPad.

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