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The best option I've found is to use Microsoft Flow with the Copy new events in Office 365 to Google Calendar and send a notification template. Events doesn't show up immediately, but it takes around 5 minutes. Pretty good. It also handles event updates.


For Chrome you could use the plugin Staying alive for Google Chrome which makes requests in the background to Outlook Web Mail. You can configure the URL triggers which will start with the background requests. This prevents you from logging out. However like Victor Sergienko is explaining, this could be against your company policies. In my case my ...


According to Victor Sergienko: The session duration in Outlook Web Access might be enforced on the organization policy level. I am the administrator. Please tell me where can I configure so OWA never logs off involuntarily on any computer in my organization again.


There seem to be native HTML5 desktop notifications working for Outlook web now, but only under Windows. It's not there for Linux, which is really strange given it's the same API. Not sure why they chose not to support it under Linux given that's really the only missing piece for critical feature parity in the browser.


I would suggest you follow these 3 simple steps: Import (instead of just subscribing) your Google Calendar to the Outlook Web Application. Join IFTTT. Use this "Google/Outlook Calendar Sync Tool" excellent applet to sync your calendars.


Normally there is a Download all link, as correctly illustrated by Franck Dernoncourt's answer. However I ran into the same issue as Joooeey (OP), namely that that link is missing. In my case, I finally found the culprit: one of the attachments can't be downloaded, I can only Preview (left below), compared to the usual Download option (right): (The reason ...


This has been an issue for me as well. Being at work and constantly being signed out of O365 is horrible. I have a small work around that helped me though When you need dumb luck try this It is super simple and was done by accident and may not work for everyone. I have been opening O365 in Chrome. I just opened 2 of my Outlook tabs and for some reason it ...

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