I was also struggling to get all the unread emails (including from the subfolders) in Outlook Office 365. The closest I could find was the following search query: isread:no In case of Desktop client, this can be achieved with the Search Folders. Search Folders -> Right Click -> New Search Folders -> Unread Mail But, unfortunately this feature is ...


Please follow these steps Click on your avatar in the upper right corner and choose My account. After that, you will see your profile. Click on More actions>>Edit profile>>Edit name and enter the name you want to change to.


At the top of the interface for a folder (e.g., Inbox), next to the folder name, there's a pull menu called Filter. Pull that down and select Unread.


It seems that you can simply create a mail filter on Outlook that moves all files in Junk into your main Inbox as a workaround. The steps are as follows: Click on the gear icon on near the top right corner in Outlook.com Click on the "options" menu item Select "Inbox and sweep rule" on the sidebar Click on the + symbol to add a new rule ...

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