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In Gmail, can I show only unread emails for a label as a Section

As of 2019 the hack provided by @Kaue Lima doesn't appear to be working. Instead it seems better to use the "multiple inbox" feature that Gmail has added. Setup your labels and filters Under Settings ...
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Gmail website priority inbox: unread; remaining inbox; starred; drafts

One approach for this is to use Multiple inboxes. They could be label:inbox is:unread label:inbox is:read is:starred is:drafts Then set "Extra panels positioning" to above the inbox.
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Gmail Atom feed for priority messages in my inbox

You can create another label filter for mails which are important and in inbox and use that label.
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How do I setup Gmail priority labels with intricate filters?

Remove all spaces and commas from the label name and try again. That worked for me. Doesn't work: "Is Starred, Important, Unread" Works: "Is_Starred_Important_Unread". You can then rename the ...
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How to hide archived emails in Gmail Priority Inbox?

I got the same situation and here my solution: add - is:inbox - that will select messages in inbox (not archived) Here some extraversion that I have found: is:unread - filtered unread emails is:read - ...
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How to hide archived emails in Gmail Priority Inbox?

I realize this is quite old. But it comes up quite high in the search results when looking to solve this. In the 2019 version of Gmail, you can click the 3-dots menu on the right side of the Archived ...
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Additional sections in priority inbox?

Unfortunately, there is not a way to do what you are asking that is built-in to the gmail interface. And you are correct regarding the two different configuration options not working in conjunction ...
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