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Regexextract to get a text in the middle of string

Using a capturing group, we can match a pattern then choose which part of the pattern we want to return. =ArrayFormula(REGEXEXTRACT(A2:A4,"^\d\s+(\w\d+\s+-\s+[A-z 0-9]+)")) Notes: I'm ...
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Combine two formulas for multiple inputs

Since your first formula works with both of the examples you provided, I believe you want to get the same results with your second formula as well. In this case, just change it as follows: =...
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Use Regular Expressions to Add Text to Beginning or End of Cells

How to Add Text to Beginning or End of Cells without a formula Please follow these steps Step 1 Go to the top menu --> Edit --> Find and replace Step 2 From Search choose Specific range and ...
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Searching a list and replacing value if any item matches any item in the other list in Google Sheets

Try REGEXPLACE instead : =REGEXREPLACE([source value],TEXTJOIN("|",TRUE,'list of values to look for the source value in'!A:A),"static string")
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