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How to set reminder for a task with recurring due date in todoist?

Yes... but only if your due date also has a due time. Add a due time to your six-monthly task: "ev 6 months from 30 Jul 10:00". Now select the Reminders icon. Because you have added a time to the due ...
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How to filter out done reminders in Google Inbox?

Try this: is:reminder -is:done
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How to mark Google Calendar reminder as done with a prior date?

Create Tasks instead of Reminders because Tasks CAN be backdated Note to potential users: (As the OP found out and mentions in his comment). "I started using Tasks on the desktop web app and ...
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Importing "Reminders" to Google Calendar using CSV file

This doesn't appear to be possible (yet). You'd think that you'd be able to import a CSV into your Reminders calendar ... CSV import has a "reminders on/off" option, but that's for sending push ...
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Google Calendar "reminders" and Google Keep "reminders"

Per this link, two way reminders between Google Calendar and Google Keep are not completely synchronized. https://productforums.google.com/forum/#!topic/calendar/NciuZH23Eh4 In Google Keep, Notes ...
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How to filter out done reminders in Google Inbox?

OK, I found out that by default all pending reminders are pinned. So this will do the trick : is:reminder is:pinned Obviously, if you manualy unpin your reminder without setting it done, it won't ...
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Is there a way to bring a Trello card back automatically from the archive on a due date?

Activate the "Card Snooze" power-up in your board. From the description: Now you can clean up the clutter of cards you're not going to get to until another day. The Card Snooze Power-Up ...
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