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Yes, this happens. And you can be notified of it. In Settings, there is an "Activity related to your Retweets" section. One of the options is: My Retweets are retweeted When it happens, in your Interactions section, you will see: Person retweeted your Retweet If you have email notifications set up, you will get an email along the lines of ...


From the web app: Go to Settings (found by clicking on your profile icon) Click Web notifications from the sidebar on the left Check or uncheck the notifications you want to see or not see as needed In this case it would be to uncheck: My Tweets are retweeted My Tweets are marked as favorites


Will Y get a notification? I know it does give notification if I retweet a tweet that's been retweeted. But is it the same for favourites? Yes, the person does get a notification.


You can retweet your own posts and replies. If you want to both reply to a thread so that your reply stays within the thread and make sure that your reply shows up on your followers' timelines, you can retweet your own reply after you've posted it so that it shows up. So step 1: Write your reply. Step 2: Retweet your own reply. Step 3: Have it show up in ...


It appears that Twitter logs 2 types of retweets: Native Retweets - which are made by users clicking the retweet button on Twitter's web app. The search parameter to filter only these would be filter:nativeretweets App Retweets - which are made via Twitter's mobile apps and via other 3rd party Twitter applications. the search parameter to filter these would ...


Create your own applet! You can use IFTTT's platform (create you own IFTTT applets) to achieve that task. With Platform, you can add a filter, written in JavaScript that will run between the trigger and the action(s). So in your case, you can set the action for New tweet by a specific user from Twitter, than apply a JavaScript code to filter, and select ...


No, the retweeter won't get a notification if you like it from the authors timeline, they will only get a notification if you like it from the retweeters timeline (since it's an action on their activity).


I think that the @ is added by Twitter (because it is actually replaced by a hyperlink). I have gone through many recipes and played around with adding apostrophes and quotes - nothing seems to have worked. In the end I created my own recipe, Publish retweet with @. In place of Twitter, I am using to publish. Buffer allows me to publish the ...

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