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Can people see that you've liked their retweet on Twitter?

No, the retweeter won't get a notification if you like it from the authors timeline, they will only get a notification if you like it from the retweeters timeline (since it's an action on their ...
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How can I reply to a tweet and show that to my followers?

You can retweet your own posts and replies. If you want to both reply to a thread so that your reply stays within the thread and make sure that your reply shows up on your followers' timelines, you ...
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Is it possible to archive all retweets of a given user?

It appears that Twitter logs 2 types of retweets: Native Retweets - which are made by users clicking the retweet button on Twitter's web app. The search parameter to filter only these would be filter:...
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How to retweet specific user’s tweets with specific word only using IFTTT

Create your own applet! You can use IFTTT's platform (create you own IFTTT applets) to achieve that task. With Platform, you can add a filter, written in JavaScript that will run between the trigger ...
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