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Hiding Feedly categories

Feature to mute categories from the main feed doesn't exist (vote here). Currently the only choice is to use 'Mute Filters' to create a temporary mute for individual websites on all feeds. You can ...
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Feedly not updating items in Craigslist RSS feed

This is Petr from Feedly. This is, unfortunately, something we experience often with Craigslist. We are still in attempts to resolve this with Craigslist directly at the moment, unfortunately, they ...
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1 vote

How is Reddit a news aggregator?

Reddit generates a RSS feed for every subreddit. For r/aww the feed is available at You can also combine feeds: Inline-...
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Is it possible to mark all articles in a group as "unread" in Feedly?

Scroll down to load all articles inside the feed you want to mark as unread, press F12 to open the Developer Tools Console, paste the following code in the console, and hit enter (source): document ...
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How to subscribe to YouTube user’s feed without Google account?

Old question but new solutions exist now which allow you to make use of youtube without a google account. For phones (android) - NewPipe For PCs - Ividious, Minitube, FreeTube Invidious can be self ...
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