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Try putting a ? in front for a partial search. For example, ?_10172020_ Should find Worksheet7_10172020_1100.xlsx and Worksheet8_10172020_1130.xlsx but not Worksheet17_10182020_1330.xlsx


Pressing F3 has the same result as pressing Ctrl+F in most browsers and this hotkey is not used in Google Docs.


Currently for the browser version you need to add &pf=on (People you Follow) to the search string. E.g. searching 'something':


I couldn't find an answer to this anywhere, but I think I figured it out. So I'm gonna answer my own question in case anyone else needs this. So basically the "around" operator is not smart enough to combine with the "or" operator (I think, tho I could be wrong). So what you have to do is to use the "or" operator after the "...

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