I'm not entirely sure this is possible. You can easily get an RSS feed of all your activity: https://stackoverflow.com/feeds/user/4287698 (There's a link to "User Feed" in the lower right corner on your profile page.) There's not, unfortunately, such a link for just your questions. Nor can you get an RSS feed for the advanced search user:4287698 is:...


One option is adding your work login to your Stack Overflow account. Here's how: Login to Stack Overflow from your Personal Chrome User profile. Logout of your personal Gmail. Add more logins from your Stack Overflow profile page Next, "Login with Google" and sign in with your work Gmail. This should work because you logged out of your personal Gmail in ...


You don't have an explicit "OpenID credential". OpenID is a standard for authentication; the whole point of it is that you have an account from some provider, and they authenticate you for other sites. It's not that a Google account comes with some OpenID certificate; the Google account is the OpenID account.

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