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Variable Error Bars in Google Sheets Graphs

Not really a better answer but more expressing your idea in a different way. Plot Average-variance under, variance under, variance over: The above is a stacked area chart with the first series ...
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Google Sheets Query - Drop down text match

Quote string literals in the query statement, like this: =query(sales!A1:C, "where '" & B2 & "' <= A and A <= '" & B3 & "' ", 1)
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How to analyze who sends me the most email

The best way is if you enable Gmail logs to BigQuery then you can run reports on these data points you're looking for. You can also use use GYB with domain-wide delegation to and pull all emails from ...
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Variable Error Bars in Google Sheets Graphs

One solution that came into my mind would be to create two additional data series: Average - variance, Average + variance and graph these. This would not display as error bars, but the variance ...
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How can I see Wikidata's largest editors?

There is this page that gives you some rankings, but as of 31/01/2019 is no longer maintained — it has transitioned to Wikimedia Statistics. This page gives you the top editors list along with the ...
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Match value of cell if in between range and text match

You can now check out the sheet: It is possible but you have to make some changes to the data placement for it to work. Also the number should not have the string '£', but instead apply a number ...
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Percentage from subtraction

=TEXT(D2/B2, "0.00%") which can also be: =TEXT((B3-C3)/B3, "0.00%") or in one go: =ARRAYFORMULA(IFERROR(TEXT((B2:B-C2:C)/B2:B, "0.00%")))
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Do GitHub's statistics of visitors and cloners include owners?

It definitely seems to include owner visits in the graph. I have a GitHub repo that I just started last week and is very small, with almost non-existent web traffic. I visited it today, and the graph ...
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Find the most active Twitter friends

Yes, you can use SocialBearing. Just log in and open the home feed view at Click "load older" a few times, until you have a representative sample of your feed (...
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