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Adding Buttons to a message in Telegram

There are bots that will help you compose messages, perhaps that is what you are seeing? As an example, see
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What length of chat history is visible for new entrants in a Private Telegram Group?

Chat history for new members can be 1. Visible or 2. Hidden When visible new members will see messages sent before they joined. When hidden new members won't see more than 100 previous messages. ...
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How to delete own Telegram's group/channel?

I've found it by following these steps (in Telegram Desktop v1.5.4 on Windows): Go to View channel/group info by clicking a triple-dot icon. Go to Manage Channel/Group by clicking a triple-dot icon. ...
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How to add member to the group which doesn't have username?

by username contact / number by ID Q: How do I add more members? What's an invite link? You can add your contacts, or using search by username. It is easy to migrate existing groups to Telegram by ...
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