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A Shortcut for Google Translate Swap Language Button

You can easily swap languages with shortcut Ctrl+Shift+S (or Cmd ⌘+Shift+S for MacOS users).
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How to setup Google search to *never* return results for translated keywords?

Maybe not an ideal solution but you could create different shortcuts for Google searches in different languages, then use them (instead of google.com) as needed. For example: https://www.google.com/...
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How to stop Google from translating a language for good

You can use chrome extension I created to disable YouTube titles translations https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/yt-anti-translate/ndpmhjnlfkgfalaieeneneenijondgag It's free and easy to use.
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How can one become a YouTube translator?

YouTube generally uses big outsourcing contractors for this. I'll try to get an answer from my contacts as to which one.
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How to prevent Google from translating familiar pronouns into respectful pronouns?

As far as I know, this cannot be done. According to Wikipedia, when you translate language A to language B, Google's procedure generally is: Translate language A to English. (This is redundant if A ...
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