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While you still can't use tags (like <del>), in February 2014, Trello added the ability to cross out text using ~~foo~~.


In the top right select Show menu Then click More Then click Archived Items You then click the Send to Board button on the item and it will be reinstated to your board.


When you click add checklist there is now an option to copy checklists from other cards which are available in a dropdown.


There are two common ways to render tables inside markdown content: By embedding HTML using <table> <tr> <td> tags Using special table syntax, which is not an official part of the markdown spec, but is supported in certain libraries including Github Flavoured Markdown (GFM) Unfortunately the markdown library used by Trello doesn't support ...


With the release of the Data Export feature, you can now Go to your board Click the "Board Menu" button (on the right-hand-side of the screen) Select "Share, Print, and Export" Click "JSON" This will download a copy of your board data. Pro tips: You can also just add .json (or /somename.json) to the end of a board or card URL, to get the prompt to save ...


It is a three-step process to remove a sticker: Hover the mouse in the card so the pencil in the upper-right corner appears (in this example, for the second card that has the sticker): Left click on the pencil and click on the sticker: The result is: Click on Remove. The sticker is now gone, regardless of whether Save is pressed or not.


Use double tildes to ~~strike~~ text in markdown!


No, it is not possible to select multiple cards and apply a label to them; you have to add the labels individually. Using the 1 - 6 keyboard shortcuts can make this easier, because you can add the label without having to open the card or the labels menu.


You can sort of fake it by using three backticks (```) to create a code block like this: ``` | Tables | Are | Cool | | ------------- |:-------------:| -----:| | col 3 is | right-aligned | $1600 | | col 2 is | centered | $12 | | zebra stripes | are neat | $1 | ``` which creates this: | Tables | Are ...


There is no Delete options for lists in Trello but there is one way to do it. Step#1: Create a new Board with any name. Step#2: Go to the list you want to delete, and find the 3 dots next to the list title. Step#3: Go to "Move list" and select the board that you have created, click "Move" Step#4: Go to the new board containing the moved list. Step#5: ...


Include formatted code by wrapping it in three backticks (```) at the beginning and end of the block, or by starting a line with four spaces. Important note — the triple backticks have to be on a separate line and ensure you have a blank line before and after the code block.


In Trello's current implementation, this is not configurable: lists are programmatically sized to be between 300–210 pixels wide depending on the available space. However, if you don't mind a bit of a hack, you can take matters into your own hands, with some JavaScript: (function(w) { $('.list').width(w); $('.list-area').width($('.list').length * (...


To delete an organization: Go to the organization's page. There are several ways to do this: From a board in the organization, click the name of the organization (next to the board title) Click your avatar in the upper right, click "Profile", open the organization from your "Organizations" list Click "Account" on the right Click "Delete this organization?...


A hidden gem when you forgot to assign yourself to a card is to simply hover the mouse pointer over the card and press space. This is not the auto-assignment solution you where looking for, but it's a great time-saver when you need to assign yourself to many cards.


Trello stores the due dates in UTC, however it displays (and interprets) due dates in your local timezone (i.e. whatever your OS/Browser are set to), so the due date will be correct for your entire team, no matter what time zone they're in. Here's an example of how this would work: Suppose you are in New York, and you set the Due Date for the "Finish the ...


I realize this is an old question but I could not comment on the top answer due to shortage of reputation. Currently it is possible—see for more information. Trello searches across boards so it will find all the archived cards in all the lists with the specified name. ...


My team use this scheme: — Todo — Doing — Testing — Done — Published For an every iteration we start a new board. How does it works? Let us assume we have three persons: Alice is a product manager, Bob is a developer, Charlie is a senior developer. Alice adds a task in Todo list and assigns card with Bob who will do this. If Bob is 100% sure he ...


Click the list menu (icon appears on hover near the list title) and click "Add Card", which will open the add card dialog at the top instead of the bottom of the list.


I'm not aware that there is currently any way to apply a label to all cards in a list at the same time. There is a proposal on the Trello development board to implement multi-select to make bulk actions possible. A quick way to individually assign labels is to hover your mouse over individual cards and press 0-9 to assign the associated labels. To see ...


My approach is to: pick one of the cards as the master copy as much info as you practically can (or want to) paste the URL of the other card into the comments of the master archive the unwanted card. You can still access the info from the archived card if needed, it is not deleted.


Unfortunately, this is a little bit hidden in the current UI. Here's how you enable desktop notifications: Go to a board Scroll to the bottom of the "Activity" widget (lower right) Click "Allow Notifications" This setting is per-browser (so you'll need to re-enable it if you use a different computer), and only works in Chrome. If you don't see that link, ...


I don't think you can do this in the comments, but you can do this in the Description using the Markdown style: ![Alt text](http://url/image.png "Optional title") For more info on the markdown syntax, check out:


You can hover over the top card in a list and press N That will cause the card to go in in the #2 slot.


I found the Board Printer for Trello Google Chrome extension very useful. Board Printer for Trello adds the ability to print the cards from your boards on Trello. Printing your cards can make it really easy to manage both a physical and virtual scrum board at the same time.


Trello does not have an official way to handle dependencies. The best thing to do is to have a "Waiting" list where you keep all the cards that are waiting on some other piece of work. If this becomes unmanageable, it's probably a sign that the board needs to be split up.


They are logged in the JSON export of the card. The current description under the desc key, and the previous revisions of the card are under the actions key, look for old -> desc.


Sure you can. Check these links out: Consider this as an example card: You can link to a card as a photo using the following: <img src="" /> You could embed an iframe as follows: <iframe src=""></iframe> You can also do a javascript that ...


In February 2014, Trello added the ability to cross out text using ~~foo~~.


Click to edit the card Click on the label to be removed On the label modal, click on the tick icon


Yes, it is, using the Trello API and a few other tools. This answer relies on HTTPie and jq, two freely available tools that can be installed via pip and Homebrew if you're using a Mac: $ pip install httpie $ brew install jq Using HTTPie we can query the Trello API to get the raw action feed for a board, then we can use jq to turn that data into something ...

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