The card-based project management tool by Fog Creek Software. Please send bug reports and feature requests to the developers directly.

Trello is a project management and collaboration tool from Fog Creek Software.

In one glance, Trello lets you see what's being worked on, who's working on what, and where something is in the process.

General usage questions can be asked here. If yours is a bug report or feature request, it should be directed to Trello at their development board.

If your question is about programming with or for Trello, please see the trello tag at Stack Overflow.

Many other questions about Trello can also be answered by looking at the Trello Dev Board, which lists:

  • Known issues
  • Ideas (Potential upcoming features)
  • Work about to be implemented ("Next Up")
  • Work "In Progress"
  • Work that's been "Implemented" but is not yet Live
  • Recently released features (with the dates that they went live)

If you're specifically interested in mobile features, like iPad, iPhone, or Android apps, please see

Please see if you're unsure where to go with your request.