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Forget the JSON, CSV, XLS, Google Drive, Etc.. Here is how to export-import board from one account to another account without losing cards or card images: (You only lose comments) Copy Name of the board to paste to the new copied board BOARD TO COPY => Show menu - more - copy board - PASTE: Name you copied above or any name - TEAM: none - KEEP CARDS - GO!...


On my Macbook UK keyboard, I finally found the key to be the : / ; key, just to the right of L.


On mobile app you can use move card functionality. Click card and then three dots on the top right corner. From there choose "move card". This opens a dialog where you can enter a new position. This way much easier than dragging if the list is long. Hope this helps!


As of July 2019, the above steps didn't quite work for me. What I had to do was: Hover over the sticker Enter edit mode (press "e" on the keyboard) Left-Click the sticker Click "Remove" on the pop-up menus Simply hovering and clicking the "Remove" appears to be ignored.

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