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Tumblr links showing up on blog's theme even when they should be off

I think it was all on the tumblr's technical side of things. It was neither my custom theme nor the settings that were affecting this. Contacting the tumblr's support fixed my issue (I didn't receive ...
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How can I make my Tumblr tags italicised?

Using the font element is outdated. CSS should be used instead. You can use this markup: {block:HasTags} {block:Tags} <a href="{TagURL}" class="custom_tag">{Tag}</a> {/block:Tags}...
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can't figure out how to center tags on a tumblr theme? padding issue?

Okay, I think the source of your problem (as far as I can tell you also figured this out, but didn't bother to state so explicitly) is the webkit-padding-start:40px; instruction that's causing you ...
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Made Tumblr tags visible, how to style them properly?

Generically speaking, you can style .post_tag { ... } to style these. If you need to select their direct parent, it's .post_tags_inner { ... }. You can find others by using your browser's dev tools ...
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Adding a button to toggle between colour schemes on Tumblr?

You can add this functionality by editing the HTML for your site using Tumblr's editor. The easiest way would probably to use a setup as follows: CSS (inside <style> tags): body { background-...
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