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Getting to the bottom and saving a webpage which has "Infinite scrolling"

Here's a way. It involves opening the developer console of your browser. That is done usually by pressing ctrl+shift+I or just F12. After you've opened it and found the Console tab, type: var i = 0; ...
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Is there a way to view all my Tumblr posts that are not reblogs?

I’m the author of the script linked in @oneqeightyfour’s answer. So although I’m a little late to the party, here’s a modified version of the script you can use. I did find a one-click site that ...
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How can I add a SVG to my Tumblr post?

I spent quite a bit of time trying to find exactly the solution you're looking for for my own purposes. The best answer I've come up is Github. It's free and only takes a little bit of know-how. ...
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Is there a way to download a complete Tumblr blog?

Tumblr has an "Export" function, available at, that will export all of your posts, including any pictures or videos. When you download the backup (after Tumblr ...
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Is there a way to delete the tag history in the search bar on your Tumblr profile?

The answers is that deleting tag history is not supported. I also wanted to know if this is possible, so I contacted Tumblr Support to ask them. For reference, this is the response I got from Dave ...
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Remove Tumblr's new "Login Wall"?

Simply and quick JavaScript solution: document.getElementById('glass-container').remove(); I've put it in a bookmarklet: javascript:(function()%7Bconsole.log(%22Removing%20Tumblr%20Login%20wall!%22)%...
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How can I make my Tumblr tags italicised?

Using the font element is outdated. CSS should be used instead. You can use this markup: {block:HasTags} {block:Tags} <a href="{TagURL}" class="custom_tag">{Tag}</a> {/block:Tags}...
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Can you block reblogs from a specific Tumblr user you follow?

Some extensions such as Tumblr Savior and New XKit can do similar things (e.g. blocking by tags), but I'm not clear if they can do specifically (I don't use Savior) what you're asking for in the ...
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can't figure out how to center tags on a tumblr theme? padding issue?

Okay, I think the source of your problem (as far as I can tell you also figured this out, but didn't bother to state so explicitly) is the webkit-padding-start:40px; instruction that's causing you ...
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How to get Tumblr post URL from post ID

For blogs on, you should probably be able to use advanced Google search parameters. To wit: inurl:{POST_ID} My tests were inconclusive. Much of the time Google returned ...
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Made Tumblr tags visible, how to style them properly?

Generically speaking, you can style .post_tag { ... } to style these. If you need to select their direct parent, it's .post_tags_inner { ... }. You can find others by using your browser's dev tools ...
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Is there a way to see whether Tumblr posts have been edited?

Tumblr currently offers no direct way to see if a post by another user has been edited (which is irritating sometimes). There is a workaround: If a post is reblogged, and the original post is then ...
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Tumblr glitch with ask page CAPTCHA

Turn off SSL. I had the same issue after setting the SSL toggle on (it's in "edit appearance"). Turning off SSL fixed the issue and the captcha works now. I emailed Tumblr to let them know, hopefully ...
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Prevent posting duplicate photos to my blog

You can now easily find duplicate photos in your Tumblr blog by using this Chrome extension: Deja Vu for Tumblr Right now it can only detect duplicates in your posts, so you'll have to post the ...
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Adding a button to toggle between colour schemes on Tumblr?

You can add this functionality by editing the HTML for your site using Tumblr's editor. The easiest way would probably to use a setup as follows: CSS (inside <style> tags): body { background-...
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How to view only MY posts on Tumblr

I recently wrote a small web app that does this and a couple other things too. There's a few really great sites out there that do similar things, but I wanted to make my own version with some extra ...
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How to remove the "Follow," "Unfollow" and "Join Tumblr" buttons on a Tumblr site?

I'm not sure why, but the simpler procedure other answers explain didn't work in my case. Following this other answer, I had to inspect the page and find the first appearance of an iframe below the ...
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Is there a quick way to edit a specific Tumblr post?

If you want a link on each post to edit it, you can use this in your custom theme: <a href="{PostID}?redirect_to=%2Fblog%2F<blog_name>">edit</a> The {...
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