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Show only tweets in TweetDeck (exclude replies)

Make a column from the Search button rather than from User. Then, customize the search as follows: from:[user handle without @] -filter:replies So, if I wanted every tweet by the @StackOverflow ...
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Some Twitter GIFs don’t work in PC browsers, do work in mobile browsers

It's because those GIFs are MP4s coded with high levels (6.0 etc.) that normal hardware can't play. In Chrome: Disable "Hardware-accelerated video" decode in chrome://flags (type this is ...
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How do I filter tweets in Tweetdeck based on multiple keywords?

"keyword" or "keyword" or "keyword" or "keyword". Keep going but I really do not know the limit have not found that yet.Must have " around words and the or in between.
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How can I turn off retweets from users in Tweetdeck?

The closest I could find to a real solution is to create a column that has retweets disabled: Of course, the downside is you now need to maintain two lists potentially (if you want retweets from some ...
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