To find polls containing 2, 3 or 4 choices, either text or image polls, use: card_name:poll2choice_text_only card_name:poll3choice_text_only card_name:poll4choice_text_only card_name:poll2choice_image card_name:poll3choice_image card_name:poll4choice_image Source: https://github.com/igorbrigadir/twitter-advanced-search


[EDIT Disclosure: This answer is written by the TAGS author and includes links to his personal blog] The Twitter Archiving Spreadsheet Template (TAGS) template mentioned in the question comments is one solution that has been continually developed to address Twitter API changes. This post will direct you to the latest version, alternatively Open this ...


Ended up using the Twitter API tool. More specifically, their API Console Tool. Had to authorise my Twitter account, but I got the entire timestamp of the tweet, down to the second!


These particular tweets are just going unindexed by the search service -- not all tweets are indexed. Please note that we may not show every Tweet in search results pages. Reference


I believe that Twitter's solution for bloggers is their Web Intents API. There are three types of Web Intents but the one I believe you'll find most relevant to your need is the Tweet or Reply intent. What it does essentially is enabling you to set up a button that will appear on every new blog-post or article. When your readers click that button, their ...

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