Yes, you can use IFTTT and create a recipe that goes from a "Feed" to Twitter. Create a recipe: Select the feed option: Select the "new item in feed" option: You can find your RSS feed for Stack Overflow by going to your profile page and scrolling down to the lower right corner. It looks like you have to do this for each site, as I can't find a feed ...


IFTTT just announced new triggers for the Twitter channel, including "New tweet by a specific user" and "New tweet from search". The latter seems like it would do what you want. The ingredients for the trigger are: Text FirstLinkUrl UserName UserImageUrl LinkToTweet TweetEmbedCode CreatedAt Using Twitter Advanced Search Operators you can get what ...


No, not possible. The only options available are those listed at https://dev.twitter.com/docs/intents url via text in_reply_to hashtags related


"JaneDoe" shows up in the data-related part of the tweet link. This information is used after the tweet button has been clicked to display the "suggested people to follow" prompt. There is some more detail in the tweet button developer documentation.


Twitter may have changed their embed options since then. Currently you can embed either a timeline, a tweet or Twitter buttons -- for anything more than that, you'd need to use Twitter's developer API. Twitter will auto-generate the code for embedding the options above. All you need to do is enter the user's profile name on Twitter's Publish page and select ...


There is no official way to get the list of people who are not following you back. You have to check it manually and add (or remove) them into (from) lists. Click on Following on your profile. Whoever is following you back, next to their handle Follows you will be written. Others are not following you back, add them into your private list one by one. There ...


Try HootSuite.com or bufferapp.com These are pioneers for your sophisticated Social Media Management. One of my friend is working on a similar concept, will share when it's ready. Till then try the above apps out. :-)


TechRepublic is using Twitter's Tweet Button functionality on their site. If you take a look at the settings that can be configured, it seems like TechRepublic is just using the default ones for the button. These defaults can indeed make the format quite long. TechRepublic is most probably using this functionality because it's the default way of sharing web ...


These particular tweets are just going unindexed by the search service -- not all tweets are indexed. Please note that we may not show every Tweet in search results pages. Reference

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