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If you want to unfollow everyone on your Twitter account you have to use some third-party applications like Twitter unfollow (Chrome Extension) or alternatively through Chrome or FF Developer Tools. Using Chrome Extension Twitter unfollow (Chrome Extension) Using Chrome Developer Tools There is also another smart and easy way of bulk unfollowing at ...


If you start a Tweet with "@username" then only that person and people following you and that person will see the Tweet. If you want to be seen to be addressing a particular person then adding something before the "@username" is the simplest way to do it. You could do something like: Did you know @username ... or Hi, @username .... but these would ...


Search redirects in Chrome more often than not mean that there's a custom Search URL defined under Search settings. You can check this from Chrome Menu → Settings → Manage Search Engines (or by pasting chrome://settings/searchEngines in the omnibar. If there's one defined for twitter, delete that entry and it should work fine after that.


Pop your handle into Social Bearing's Twitter Handle Search: Found Here. A dashboard should come up with all their tweets. Click on the button which say's "Sort tweets by..." and Select "Favourites (high to low)" You can similarly use this method to find any of the following Items by order of retweets Items by order of favorites Items by order of ...


Below is a trick found here that worked for me. click on the tweet (the browser will show you the tweet url in the bar) insert mobile. in the url before and navigate to the mobile version click on the image in the tweet right click and save the gif/mp4 or the images


Use a zero-width space. It's completely unnoticeable: ASP.​Net I also use this trick to get around the minimum-character limit on some sites * cough *.


The reason is so that when tweets were sent via SMS, messages wouldn't be split. SMS messages are 160 characters and they wanted to leave 20 characters for the username.


Constraints often produce better results -- giving someone "unlimited" words to express themselves mostly results in a lot of noise. I don't think Twitter was smart enough to realize this when they set out, Fogest's SMS ...


In twitter settings uncheck the 'Video Autoplay' option, it seems to auto mute/pause too. Just click your avatar the go into 'Settings and Privacy. It's under the content section in the account tab.


Twitter won't redirect tweets to your new handle if someone tweets to your old handle. Your old handle will be left for grabs so anyone will be able to use it. I suggest you take possession of your old handle (simply sign up as a new user with a different email address) and note in the description what your new handle is (and why). That way, even if ...


Use the search string: query list:username/listname So for instance: bowie list:twitter/media


That's part of the stock exchange search feature. Or "cashtags". When you include a dollar sign followed by the stock ID it will take you to a search page that shows you related Tweets about the company for that ticker symbol. Now you can click on ticker symbols like $GE on to see search results about stocks and companies @...


He (read: his account) might be following you with the hope that you'll follow him back. I doubt he or his social media team have actually checked what Tweets you have posted, liked or retweeted; rather, they are using a script to see which Twitter accounts have interacted with his account in the past, and just follow them all. Following somebody doesn't ...


The only way to display a full URL in Twitter is by using a 'fake' dot. This will obviously make the URL non-clickable too, but it's a good method if you want to make sure the URL gets displayed in a recognizable way. BTW, here's such a fake dot: ․


If you live in the EU, you can request ALL your tweets that Twitter holds on you. Visit this link: Follow these instructions (and you will need a Fax Machine):


#trends near:"New York" within:5mi 5mi = 5 mile. Defines the radius to search around New York.


I have a script that lets you pull your user timeline as an RSS over at:


(Common) websites do not allow registration via GET request. The are several reasons but the main are security and mass registration avoidance (easier with POST registration): GET requests can be cached GET requests remain in the browser history See more in the link I posted.


Assuming you mean your display name: Log in Click your picture in the upper right and choose "View Profile" On the right side of your profile, click "Edit Profile" Under your profile picture, you'll be able to edit your display name, description, location, website, and theme color Click "Save changes" If you want to change your @username: Log in Click ...


Hi, first of all I'd like to share my methodology: The first step was to find out how these tweets were being posted (e.g. using a Twitter client such as TweetDeck, a third-party service such as Facebook, or directly from the Twitter website). Until recently, this could be done from Twitter itself, but they've recently removed this information from the ...


I fetched my twitter profile with the Twitter API. Here is how it looks - ... "screen_name":"iAmBibhas","location":"Bangalore, India","description":"Hungry and lazy developer.\r\nCurrently building @lxidd. ","url":"http:\/\/", ... As you can see, there is \r\n just before Currently building @lxidd. That means the line breaks are being saved in ...


As explained in is no longer supported. The correct way to get a Twitter feed is now as follows: Obviously you will have to replace username with the user name who's feed you are after.


You could also try an RSS-to-email solution. You can get a user's tweets in RSS from: Or a hashtag search from: Then an RSS-to-email service like (Note: I've never used this—it was the first hit on a ...


It does work, they have just changed the way it is implemented. It now tries to leave URLs as you posted them so that users can easily see where the link is going rather than all links being See this help article on Twitters Link Shortening service. Having trouble fitting a link into just 140 characters? With Twitter’s new link-...

7 lets you see up to 6 months history of followers, following, and tweets. To see 6 months worth you have to tweet a message, but 3 months or less is available to see right away. Just sign in with twitter and search for a user and up it comes. Eg @spolsky:


You can use the Twitter REST API to get all the followers. First you need the followers/ids method: With that method you can get all the ID's (beware you can only get 5000 ID's at a time). If needed you can get more info for the follower(s) with the users/lookup method:


You can't follow a hashtag directly with your Twitter account, but third party software such as Tweetdeck will let you do that with a "hacky" solution. You can set up a column with Tweetdeck to search for a hashtag and it will update automatically. This is essentially the same as searching for a hashtag on Twitter, but on Twitter it will not automatically ...


Solution: Put an equal number of non-breaking spaces around your first line. What to type: Demo: @maxMRE How to type a non-breaking space: Ubuntu: Shift+AltGr+[space] on a french (variant) keymap. Anything else: Your mileage may vary, you have plenty of answers a few keystrokes away. Copy-pasting non breaking spaces directly in the twitter textarea did ...


It seems the possibility you have been hacked is quite high. As the Twitter Help Center Page states, here are some common things that happen when you are hacked: Noticed unexpected Tweets by your account Seen unintended direct messages (DMs) sent from your account Observed other account behaviors you didn't make or approve (like following, ...


So there's a couple of things at play here. Firstly, what you're looking at on twitter is actually a video, not a gif. They convert all animated gifs to videos to save on bandwidth (generally videos are smaller than the same content as an animated gif). A quick (possibly hacky) way of getting the content (I've used, disclosure, I wrote it), is to use ...

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