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Summary YouTube videoId and channelId identifiers are single integer values represented in a slightly mod­ified version of Base64 encoding. One difference versus the IETF RFC4648 recommendations is the substitution of two characters in the encoding alphabet: Payload ASCII/Unicode Base64 YouTube ------- ------------- --------- --------- 0.....


According to the Youtube 2.0 API documentation and 3.0 API documentation, the videoId is a string, nothing is specified about the current set of characters used... About the 11 characters length, a post from a Youtube API Team say : I don't see anywhere in the documentation where we officially commit to a standard length of 11 characters for YouTube ...


Yes, you can create a custom function for that. Click Tools → Script Editor. Select Create blank project. In the script editor window, paste the following code: function encode(value) { return encodeURIComponent(value); } Save the script (give it a name if prompted), and return to your spreadsheet. Now, you may use the function as =encode. If ...


Now this feature is implemented, try: right click any cell and try get link to this cell


You can append #t={hours}:{minutes}:{seconds} to the SoundCloud URL. Examples (try to click):


A basic search on Google is /search?q=<query> to make it an image search, simply add &tbm=isch to add additional criteria to your search, use the advanced search tool, and only add the value of &tbs=<criteria> from the results. for example, a >= 4 ...


Using special characters is a method to tell the browser to use UTF8 encoding, and this probably is Amazon engineers putting in a bit of an easteregg instead of a dull utf8=✓ thing. For the record, all non-English versions have an __mk_{languagecode}_{countrycode} as URL parameter, the only one I found to differ from the ÅMÅŽÕÑ thing is the Japanese version,...


When you hit the share button on a song, the screen features a check box that lets you create a link to the a specific time: It's worth noting that at this stage, you can click the orange timeline above to navigate the song and find the time you're trying to link.


The problem seems to be the part after the #, but it works if you use the Google Advanced Image Search directly. The full URL that you will get for the search above:,islt:4mp,sur:fmc&...


Notes: This only works with the old Google spreadsheets. From Moving spreadsheets to the new Google Sheets - Docs editors Help *Spreadsheets created in the old version of Sheets will eventually be converted to the new Sheets, which won’t require any action on your part. More details coming soon. Yes, it is possible to link to a row by using the ...


Further to the other answers: within the Description, you can also embed images that have been added as attachments to the card. (Note: this will only work in the description, and not in comments.) Right-click on the attachment image and select "Copy Link Address" In the Description, enter the following: ![](link address goes here) e.g. ![](https://...


As another user answered, Google finally added a feature to Google Sheets (GS) spreadsheets to allow linking directly to cells. The feature is intended for linking to ranges of cells, but specifying single cells works, too. GS also supports linking to named ranges of cells in a spreadsheet, but that feature requires a little more work to use than the range ...


it means Google web server(gws) getting redirected (rd)by country(cr). i.e a country other than US.


There is no official Google documentation for this. Let's have unofficial one: /copy /export /edit /preview /create /pub? /fm?id= /tq?tqx=out:html &key=[ID] &gid=[#] &single=[true|false] &range=[CellAddress|CellAddress1:CellAddress2] &embedded=[true|false] &widget=[true|false] &output=[html|txt|csv|pdf] &gridlines=[false] &...


You can add the "to" address to the URL like so:


Update From A meeting link remains active until the meeting has ended. Meeting links for recurring meetings will stay active for as long as the event repeats. Options Create a recurring event in Google Calendar with no end-date. Create a Room in Google Chat. Create a class in Google Classroom. You should start the videocall ...


One workaround is to add a comment to the cell. In the comment write +email-address, for e.g. "This comment is to link to the cell for". "" will then receive an email with a link, that if you click it, will automatically highlight that particular cell+comment in the spreadsheet. I'm not sure, but you theoretically ...


For other's reference - a similar method also works for decode. function decode(value) { return decodeURIComponent(value); }


I know this thread has been quiet for a while, but it helped me. I was able to accomplish this by: getting the URL of the destination folder[Folder ID] taking the file's url replacing /edit with /copy adding the copyDestination param to the end Original URL:[specific file URL]/edit Final ...


This is a little late, but should do what you're looking for.


Unfortunately you can't share your entire Google Drive like you can share a folder. Google doesn't treat Drive that way. Think of your Google Drive storage as a post office. You can give anyone you want access to as many of the individual "boxes" inside the post office lobby as necessary, but you can't give anyone access to the entire building. The ...


The secret sauce is tbm=isch. tbm stands for "to be matched", and isch is short for "image search." Example:


You can do this without a custom function using ENCODEURL. eg: =hyperlink( ENCODEURL(A1) )


I watched what happens when Google Docs creates a new document in a folder. The browser briefly goes to a create url. To make the url, you need to know your folder's id. If you navigate to the folder in a browser, its id is at the end of the url:[string_of_characters_is_the_folder_id] Copy the id, open a new ...


To set up a delay on the execution of a Google Apps Script use sleep(milliseconds). The above will work between code sentences not if a formula is repeated thousands of times. It's very likely that you should try to convert your custom function from one that returns a single value into one that is able to get and return array of values. See Optimization


Also, you can add multiple mail. And add your bookmarks for continuous use.


For others who are still searching for this, Google Sheets has a function called ENCODEURL now (Aug 2018), so you don't need to make your own any more.


go to create a free account click on that orange button CREATE select BITLINK paste your meeting URL customize it as you wish (example: click on SAVE button


Enabling UTM parameters in standard (free) Buffer creates URLs tagged with the following convention:[content ID]&utm_source=buffer&utm_medium=[twitter or facebook or ...]&utm_campaign=Buffer These URLs are then shortened with the shortener. On Jan 9, Buffer announced UTM customization for Buffer for ...

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