You now have a web interface for Google Tasks on https://tasksboard.app/


With the browser extension: uBlock Origin (Chrome version / Firefox version), AdBlock Plus, or a similar content-blocking browser extension that can use AdBlock Plus syntax filter lists, you can add the following custom filter: ||facebook.com/video/*/upnext/$xmlhttprequest That should block the "up-next" video autoplay and pop-up.


You could use the chrome extension Full Screen for Google Tasks


I'm also an old Google Tasks Canvas user, and I built a complete replacement web app for it (with upgrades) called GTaskD that you can use for free: https://tasks.gtaskd.com/ Warning: 2019-08-30 is the date that Google will get rid of multiple levels of subtasks in the API itself (as opposed to just their interfaces), so third party apps won't be able to ...

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