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A solution I've found is to bookmark 2 links: One to open Google Tasks: https://tasks.google.com/embed/?origin=https://calendar.google.com&fullWidth=1 However, everything turns white, so the following bookmarklet can be added to the bookmarks bar to fix it. (Create a new bookmark and use the following as URL, then click it just after Google Tasks ...


You now have a web interface for Google Tasks on https://tasksboard.app/


I'm also an old Google Tasks Canvas user, and I built a complete replacement web app for it (with upgrades) called GTaskD that you can use for free: https://tasks.gtaskd.com/ Warning: 2019-08-30 is the date that Google will get rid of multiple levels of subtasks in the API itself (as opposed to just their interfaces), so third party apps won't be able to ...


I used simplegamer solution with tasks.google.com/embed link but for javascript I prefer greasemonkey, so you save 1 click every time. This is the script I use in greasemonkey: // ==UserScript== // @name google tasks // @version 1 // @grant none // ==/UserScript== // @match https://tasks.google.com/embed/list/~default?fullWidth=1 // @match https://...

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