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5 votes

How to verify a Twitter account?

Currently suspended due to work on a new authentication verification program. Follow @verified for updates. We've paused public submissions for verification.👇 (posted on 11:55 PM - 26 Feb 2018) ...
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3 votes

How to verify a Facebook page?

Requesting a blue verification badge Verify you have all that in the list, and submit a request with an official government issued photo identification. It's encouraged to include additional ...
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1 vote

Chrome incognito and 2-step verification in Gmail

I solved it as follows: Press "My Google account" for the Gmail in question Press "Security" Uncheck the box "2-step verification"
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1 vote

Twitter log-in issue no phone to receive sms

As described on the Twitter help pages: I lost my phone If you are no longer logged in to your account and do not have access to an active backup code, please contact Support for assistance Note: ...
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1 vote

Facebook Photo Verification

It takes 48 hours to one week or sometimes one month. There is no fixed time for it. It depends on which policy you have violated and why they have asked for photo verification. If they reject your ...
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Confirm mobile number in PayPal

Click on the Setting gear button from the top right Click on the Update link besides your mobile number And now you will be able to edit your mobile number and confirm it.
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