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Is there a quick way to see when a cell in a Google Sheets was last edited?

This can now be accomplished via the Show edit history feature. Right-click on a cell and select "Show edit history". It will show you who made the edit, when it was made, and what changed. You can ...
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Version control for Google Apps Script project?

Google Apps Script has two editors, each of them has it own built-in "version control" features. On the new editor, versions are part of the deployment feature. See
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Withdraw a non-changing edit from the version list in Google Docs?

Unfortunately, you cannot. All you can do is to try to avoid the situation. Typical Workarounds Since a document you own will always open in edit mode, here are some approaches people employ alone or ...
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Google Drive permalink that doesn't change with new file versions

It all depends if you uploaded the original file using Google Sheets or Docs. Then the above does not work. The above only pertains to Original uploads to Google Drive. If you uploaded the original ...
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How to delete obsolete JSFiddle versions?

Even though it is not possible to remove specific version if you need to delete all the older versions I think the workaround is to create a Fork from the last version and Set as base that version and ...
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How to restore an old version in Google Apps Script's new editor?

You may be able to get old versions using the google Apps Script REST API. If you go to and use the "Try ...
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Finding changes associated with a version in Google sheets

I feel a little stupid, but I found the answer. In the upper righthand corner there is an Edits # of # ^ v interface which will take you directly to the changed cells.
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Apps Script - Deploy from manifest - Install add-on

I use this option to install my Gmail add-on on the Google accounts I use while on development, prior to publishing. Check-out this link
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Restoring previous file versions through Google Drive

While it's easy to do for Google files, Google Drive's support documentation says in reference to non-Google files that Only the most recent versions of past documents will be saved, unless you ...
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