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How to enable the display of 1080p HD videos on Vimeo instead of the 720p default

As Basic Vimeo user I dropped all thoughts of upgrading to a pay account upon learning that 1080p uploaded films will revert to 720p once you go back to the free account. This means paying for ...
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How to remove Vimeo logo in embed album

I was having this same issue. I was told by their support agent that you can not remove the "vimeo" logo from an embedded playlist. but that it was a something they would pass up to the feature ...
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Are the shortcuts for YouTube and Vimeo set by the sites, or set by them being 'HTML5'

I don't know whether those shortcuts are exist or not. Note that Youtube and Vimeo use HTML5 (again see those HTML source code using your browser's developer tools if you don't sure).
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