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Here's a Query that can do the trick : =QUERY(Data!B1:D,"SELECT B,AVG(C),AVG(D) GROUP BY B ") You can use label to rename the column's header.


New solution : =or(ArrayFormula( regexmatch(iferror( FILTER(Sheet1!$B$2:$B$9;int(Sheet1!$A$2:$A$9)=B$2) );$A3) )) It filter the original list to pick up which names appears on a determined dates. Then it checks if the name exist in the list. Using your formula, here's a way to do it : =IF( AND( or(ArrayFormula(B$2=int(Sheet1!$A3:$A10))), ...


Problem 1 : Page-2-Seznam članov > Coloumn C : It needs to be the max dates. The function need to search on the list the name from Page-2-Seznam članov > Coloumn B and in area Page-3-Podaljsave to give the outpoot from the same person the exact max date from Page-3-Podaljsave > Coloumn E In Page 2 > column C > cell C3 you can use ...


Use REGEXMATCH : =countif(ArrayFormula(regexmatch(A1:A10,"^Bud Light$")),true) This formula counts the cells who match the regex ^Bud Light$ : Match exactly Bud Light You can add lower() and proper()to clean the range you want to test.

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