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You can use the following formula in cell AE4 =ARRAYFORMULA(QUERY(TRANSPOSE(QUERY(TRANSPOSE(FILTER(B4:Z,B3:Z3=DATE(2019,12,16))), "select "&TEXTJOIN(",", 1, IF(LEN(A4:A), "avg(Col"&ROW(A4:A)-ROW(A4)+1&")", )))&""), "select Col2")*1) (If this is what you are looking for, I will update with image and more info as well)


It may not be the most elegant, but one approach could be to set a Data Validation sheet that will filter based on what you enter into that row. Once something is entered, the filter pulls related ID #s, and the data validation references that. This only works if you are entering this for a single cell reference though, as you might for a quick lookup. Use ...

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