Use Google Insights for Search (Beta). Just enter your search term(s) in the search box and hit Enter. You will see the top searchs and rising searches about your search term listed below.


That's strange, I recently added S3 to my account but didn't get all the other stuff lumped in. AWS stuff is pay-as-you-go, so just having them activated in your account doesn't mean you're going to pay for them. You can also remove 'activated' services from your account on that same page, if you just don't want them activated.


Have you looked into Google Apps? Its calendar sharing features seem to match your requirements. It is syncable with Outlook, accessible from smartphones (either via syncing or a web GUI), and certainly has a calendar GUI. Taking notes from meetings could be done via Google+, or a Google Doc attached to the meeting invitation.


You can use Google's autocomplete, if you type in a keyword it gives you a few suggestions which seem to be pulled of the most popular query (although surely heavily filtered). You can also try to add a space before you word after you typed it in to get a few new results.


Saaspose is the solution of your problem, using this free App not only you can convert your document to a variety of other formats but also create your document whether its Word document or PDF from scratch online.

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