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How to add comments in blog posts on GitHub-pages websites

This answer was originally on Stack Overflow here (now deleted). Utterances comments (what I recommend and use) You can use GitHub Issues themselves, in a public repo, as a commenting system, via a ...
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How do I prevent websites from prompting me to sign in with Google?

From a GitHub post: Click the puzzle piece icon (Extensions). Click uBlock Origin (Open extension). Click the gears icon (Open the dashboard). Click the My filters tab. Insert the following line: ...
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Direct link to web archive's first copy of a url

If you specify a timestamp in the URL then the Wayback Machine gives you the snapshot closest to that timestamp, so you can get the earliest timestamp by specifying a really early time, i.e https://...
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How to create a custom video Control option in embedded YouTube videos?

In the documentation you linked, there is a "Getting started" section with some sample code. Using this sample code, as well as a quick look at the documentation, I found that a simple <button ...
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Do sites know my name when I'm signed in to Google?

When you sign in using Google on any site, Google sends back the following data to the site: Your name (Display name) Your email ID Your profile picture (Actually it's a url to your profile picture) ...
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How do I prevent websites from prompting me to sign in with Google?

Install the AdGuard addon for Firefox. In the addon's preferences, select Filters and enable "Annoyances". Click on the annoyances section, and you'll see many annoyances that you can ...
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How do I prevent websites from prompting me to sign in with Google?

uBlock Origin (uBO) uBlock Origin (uBO) is a customizable web browser add-on that helps to block ads, trackers, and malware sites. uBO Github Project One of the features of uBO is the ability to ...
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Kindle Web Reader (amazon ebooks) Dark Mode

yep. using a css customizer like: (recommended) copy the CSS style code. source (theme): kindle-web-reader.dark.css Use the CSS Customizer to ...
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How to resolve the library catalog error: "Request data is missing. Please try again."

Based on a suggestion from the library staff, the solution is to clear all cookies from the library's website. I tried this, and it worked. In Firefox, if you'd like to clear all library-related ...
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Where do I find my asked questions on LeetCode?

Oh, I found it in "Recent Posts" under my profile page. First click top right-most your profile picture, then your user name, then you can find the posts!
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How to convert Export Data > CSV from to a http request?

Nowadays is common to find websites that where optimized for performance, security, etc. That looks to be the case of as there is not a "link" directly attached to the ...
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How can I force NYSE to show me a full, unfiltered list?

As you suggested, using the Developer Tools of the browser you can view the requests and response when refreshing the page. You hope with this sort of request that the "data" part of a page ...
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How do web ad's collect revenue? By page rendering or by clicking?

For many websites, ad revenue is the biggest source of revenue. And if it's not it is usually because they have a source of revenue through affiliate income, info-product income, or they're just ...
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What's the opposite of a 'static' website?

The opposite of a static website would be a dynamic website. Static websites consist of actual, physical, separate files that require physical intervention from a human being in order to be ...
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How could I contact site's admins besides contact form and email?

Find contact us link for the webmaster .. you can find out in homage of the site or the footer area Or you can simply go with site and you can find site owner throughout this link enter ...
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Custom domain emails with Square?

Square does not offer a domain registrar service, so you cannot obtain a new .com or .net address through their tools. However, you can add a Square online store to an existing custom domain. This ...
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How do I change the profile image in Read The Docs?

Didn't actually find any documentation on it, but the profile picture seems to be taken from Gravatar, i.e. after changing my primary mail address on RTD to one that has a Gravatar picture, the ...
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Both style a website and Replace an image and a link?

Several things: You run at document-start; this is good because it helps reduce annoying flicker associated with the style change. BUT... This means that the code must now wait before it can effect ...
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How to archive different pages that don't have a different URL?

right-click on Los académicos button select Open link in new tab copy your URL (notice ?qt-tab=2#qt-tab) http://www....
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Changing the blog template to new template

In your Dashboard, under Themes > Customise, you can choose a new template. Do this and then click the Remove Customizations link - shown here: Also, click Edit (to else the Theme) and click Revert ...
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How to contact Package Index Owner on PyPI when there is no Home Page?

As per response from Jason at GitHub issue page: Try here: If the page doesn't directly list enough information to find the maintainers, you'll ...
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