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It's not possible. As specified in the documentation: The general syntax for transclusion on Wikipedia is {{Namespace:Pagename}}, where Namespace:Pagename describes the title of a Wikipedia page. The full list of namespaces is here, but it includes only pages on the English Wikipedia site, so neither in other languages or sister projects.


This is unquestionably the simplest answer to your question on Wiki page section links 1) Find your wikipedia page's URL. Let's use the page Cattle: 2) Add #SubsectionTitle to the end of that link. Let's use the 'Behavior' section for today: The End


InternetArchiveBot for example has a bunch of link rot related services.


I went on the wikipedia-en-help IRC and asked. Someone suggested using Refill as a solution and it worked quite well but is exceptionally slow so I hope to find an alternative.

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