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How to register a free "" blog

You mention: ...I want to create a new, separate blog, called ...I was redirected to a "Let's get your site a domain!" page. I want to skip this step, but it doesn'...
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How do I add post history to my blog?

In "Customize" under "Widgets" there's a thing called "Recent Posts". Add that, and bingo.
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2 votes

How to embed Cognito form into

Cognito Forms does not currently support embedded on blogs. It looks like WordPress supports a specific embedding protocol that we plan on implementing support for over the next few ...
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1 vote

Are WordPress Jetpack stats accurate?

Well my private blog only shows 1-2 hits per day so for me it's not counting something that isn't there. Botnets can be used to flood websites and they might be spread over different countries.
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1 vote

How to toggle enable/disable words and phrases in WordPress?

I've found this plugin: Hide This - by Andrés Villarreal but I just noticed that only paid hosting can try plugins on
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How to add PayPal donate button to my free WordPress blog

Yes, PayPal provides information on how to create a donate button on this page. Short summary: Login to your PayPal account and go to the PayPal button creation page Enter the payment details for ...
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WordPress Markdown doesn't re-wrap paragraphs

WordPress's default HTML-like input format is made more convenient by the wpautop filter, so as not to require explicit <p> or <br> elements in most cases. Unfortunately this means the ...
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