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One solution is to use datetime in the select vs. separate date and time specs. See linked sheets. Revised query is: ="select A, B where A > datetime '"&text(datevalue($A$6), "yyyy-mm-dd")&" " &text(timevalue($A$6), "hh:mm:ss")&"' limit 1" Could not find documentation for the query argument spec of date, timeofday, datetime. Just guessed ...


The documentation says this: The NOW Function and Worksheet Recalculation The NOW() function is a member of Google Sheet's group of volatile functions, which, by default, recalculate or update every time the worksheet in which they are located recalculates. For example, worksheets recalculate each time they are opened or when certain events ...


The formula shown on the image, = if K3=true {sheet.deleteRow(i) }, doesn't follow the Google Sheets formula syntax rules, by the other hand, custom functions can't deleted rows or do other thing than returning a value / 2D array of values. Please read and

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