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I recommend using: =IF(COUNT(E4:G4);AVERAGE(E4:G4);0) COUNT() returns numbers of cells containing valid numbers : if none, the value will be 0, so the condition will evaluate to false and return 0 (you can put "" instead of 0 if you prefer). Otherwise, it will use the result of the AVERAGE function.


The problem with your Excel's formula is that AGGREGATE is not a Google Sheets function. While both apps belongs to the same "family" and there are a lot of common functions / features there are other that are unique to each app. Maybe QUERY could work for you Related Using AGGREGATE formula on Google Sheets - Finding the correct result based on 3 columns ...


Insert a first scorecard with Shopify n°1 as a data source. Insert a second scorecard with Shopify n°2 as a data source Select both > Right-click > Blend data You create a blended data source by joining the records in one data source to the records of up to 4 other data sources. To join the data, each data source in the blend must share a set of ...


=sum(INDEX(B2:F2, 1, 2):INDEX(B2:F2, 1, 4)) to be entered in cell B2. Since the "INDEX" function includes B2, the range will expand to include any new columns inserted to the right of B2. "INDEX" is used to give a starting cell and an ending cell for the "SUM" function. The starting position is the cell immediately to the right of cell B2 The ending ...

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