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Based on Normal Human's answer, I've created a Google sheets script that will parse and email IFTTT based on a price threshold. Google sheet cells won't update ImportXml() or other external site data more than once every hour or so, even using workarounds. However, accessing external sites via the script works. Use the following script and set up a ...


EDIT: So If your interested in trying google apps script, here is short simple script that grabs the piece you want: function getOpenInterest(url) { var found, html, content = ''; var response = UrlFetchApp.fetch(url); if (response) { html = response.getContentText(); if (html) content = html.match(/OPEN INT:<BR><FONT size=1 color='#...


add this add-on to your spreadsheet - open your spreadsheet you want to export go to Add-ons select Export Sheet Data select format XML and other settings click on Export button click on the download button


Google Sheets built-in funcion IMPORTXML can't access tags created by JavaScript. You could ask for a software recommendation on or look for related web scrapping programming questions on Related: How to know if Google Sheets IMPORTDATA, IMPORTFEED, IMPORTHTML or IMPORTXML functions are ...


IMPORTXML only is able to access public web resources but he URL in the formula requires user and password so it couldn't be reached.


Short answer The problem is the xPath, specifically the /tbody part as it's not present in the source code. Explanation The source html code of the page doesn't include the tbody tag. It's added by the browser when it is missed to create a DOM hierarchy but the algorithm behind IMPORTXML doesn't do the same, it requires the xPath for the original source ...

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