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How can I prevent myself from making money off of making YouTube videos?

Monetization is optional, you can leave the programme if you do not wish to monetize your content. You can turn off monetization on your channel completely by following the instructions to leave the ...
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Monetization disabled in my YouTube channel

First: You need an AdSense account linked on your YouTube account. Second: You must have 4000 watch hours and more than 1000 subscribers to earn money from YouTube. https://www.youtube.com/...
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Why did my earnings report change after two month?

After asking Youtube community, They said: It's a glitch, and is being worked on I hope they can solve it asap as the glitch is still going on. The earnings in the report dropped again from around ...
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Monetization turned on, but no revenue ever shown

To understand what's happening here, you need to understand what you get money for, specifically: you don't get paid per views your videos are getting. You get paid if people click on ads or fully ...

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