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In 2019 you will go to: search for the video you need to download add gen before youtube so the URL will look like: hit the ENTER key select what you want to download:


Make all those videos private or add them to a new playlist and make them private there. Next visit this YouTube Help - Allow others to view private videos: About Privacy Settings (Video Instructions): Private videos Private videos and playlists can only be seen by you and the users you choose. Your private videos won’t appear to others who ...


You can scroll down to the last comment (in order to load all comments) and then simply press CTRL + F and type in your nickname/channel name/part of the reply. If you got a better kind of mouse you can do so-called "pro-gamer move" and click the middle mouse button a.k.a the wheel and drag your mouse down by few centimeters - this will trigger automatic ...


go to chrome://extensions/ and check for extensions that may be forcing dark mode preference then press CTRL + SHIFT + DELETE and delete cookies which may store the dark mode preference because you are not loged in into YouTube


Yes, it is possible. After you upload/submit the video you can choose autogenerated thumbnail images for your video: or you can set your own image after your account gets verified: The verification process looks like this: If the video is not yours you can still do it by editing the embed code - for example: official embed code: <iframe width="560" ...


add this Chrome / Firefox extenstion to your browser: find stupid video right-click on the video title select Block videos from this channel right after you can see that video disappeared from the list: upon clicking the icon you can enter options or quickly add new blocking rules you can block whole channels, all videos of the channel or sets of videos.....

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