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As the owner of you are able to use the same wildcard searches as available on It is the works RegEx


Alternatives: Use bookmarks for each service using /u/0 or /u/1 to use the default account or the second account. Some web browsers allow to have several users profiles. Use one profile for one service, and another profile for the other service Use two different web browsers, i.e. Chrome and Firefox. Use one web browser for one service and the other for the ...


There is a way with new update to YouTube policies, as other people can add subtitles to others videos they get them self named for that. Google it: "caption authors (English)"


Here, copy this script in the console or in the snippet tab in the sources of the developer tools window (F12). V_YOUTUBE_PLAYER = document.querySelector('ytd-player').getPlayer(); V_SECONDS = 2; function backwardXSeconds(seconds) { V_YOUTUBE_PLAYER.seekToStreamTime(V_YOUTUBE_PLAYER.getCurrentTime() - seconds); } function forwardXSeconds(seconds) { ...


I made an app to do exactly that, hosted on Heroku: YouTube Playlist Length. Note: it can find the total length of a playlist that has up to 500 videos. If it has more than 500 videos, it shows the total length of the first 500 videos.


Nowadays YouTube always displays its like buttons under a video and also an indicator wether you clicked like or dislike before. So just be sure to always hit one of these buttons. When you come back you'll then know you've been there before.


OK seems like a few folk are trying to do the same thing. A really cool ad you want to catch and share with your friends.. Right? Hit pause to stop the ad. You can't rewind or replay it. Right click and select Copy debug info Paste this into a test editor (or anywhere you can edit it Search for "ad_docid" you should find a line that reads "ad_docid": "THE ...


@marcolackovic, @faraza is correct. You can no longer mention or tag someone on ayoutube-channelif you decide to reply directly in the main comments section. Alternative Solution: The following is someone’s comment thread: As you can see, if you reply to the main comment, the tagging feature is not available. I have a workaround... You can still tag ...


Previous answers did not work so I made a 2019 version. Here is the JavaScript code to make it in just a minute. function sleep(ms) { return new Promise(resolve => setTimeout(resolve, ms)); } async function deleteLikedVideos() { 'use strict'; var items = document.querySelectorAll('ytd-menu-renderer > yt-icon-button.dropdown-trigger > ...

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