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Text turns into Italics in Youtube in Opera

There are some recent issues noted regarding Vivaldi's Ad Blocker causing this behavior. Perhaps this is the cause in Opera as well? Try turning off the built in ad blocker if it's enabled, and see ...
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Text turns into Italics in Youtube in Opera

I last used Opera a long time ago. It might have a default stylesheet, and the YouTube stylesheet uses something Opera can't parse as you expect. As a workaround, you might use a user style sheet. If ...
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Prevent automatic loading of next video on YouTube (esp playlists)

I found this Firefox browser extension, with permission only for
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Is there a way to watch content on YouTube while logged in without influencing future recommendations?

There are two ways to do this: delete the history you want or turn off (and on) watch history while watching those videos: If you delete some or all of your watch history, YouTube won’t base future ...
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