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https://listenbox.app/ does exactly that. It supports videos, playlists, channels, plus you can queue items to listen later


If you are logged in and the channel shows up on your homepage, there's an "X" along the "Subscribe" button that means "I'm not interested". Have you tried clicking on it to see if it works?


As Leo Wattenberg wrote, there are several ways to undo the changes. I just reverted them as well as I could with some CSS and published it here as a userstyle: https://userstyles.org/styles/176683/berny23-s-youtube-enhancements (You can use Stylish or any other userstyles/css addon for Firefox, Chrome, etc.)


I came across this service which claims to do exactly what I asked for: https://youtuberecover.com/ Unfortunately on several videos I tried it didn't have the metadata. But perhaps someone else will be more lucky than me with their videos.


Specs Go to -> PLaylist Settings (of Favorites) -> Advanced Settings . Youtube allows you there fetch your list (Click read more). Save the list locally. Code your utility that searches the HTML list to obtain URL and location. :) Search extract for -> <tr with class="pl-video yt-uix-tile " and attribute data-title= and anchor a href=. p.s. I know, ...


Insert video Select Video Go to Format Go to Formatting options Go to Video Playback Change start time

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