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Trello/Zapier: Move card to list automatically on due date

Using the Trello API, I created a bot that can do exactly what you want (and a lot more). It's been running for a while with very satisfied users (see this reddit thread). To use it, you invite user "...
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Automatically post to Instagram from Twitter / Facebook / Tumblr post?

Unfortunately, the Instagram API does not allow for posting to Instagram. It can only be used to get information from Instagram. That's why IFTTT and Zapier aren't going to be able to help you here. ...
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Add date stamp when new row added by Zapier

If you want to include the time your Zap runs in your Zap (or use that as an approximation of when the trigger occurs), you can use the following field in your Zap: {{zap_meta_human_now}} Just enter ...
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What is “Error -2” on Zapier

For me the problem turned out to be that my copy and paste of the URL into Zapier had white space in front of it. Pretty hard to see unless you are looking for it. I wish Zapier did an auto trim(), ...
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list indices must be integers, not str Error on Zapier

This was a temporary bug that has since been fixed. You should be able to replay any tasks that failed due to this error.
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Catch New Rows in Existing Filter Views

AFAIK at this time the Google Sheets UI doesn't include a option to set filter views to update its range automatically for appended rows but this occurs if the new rows are inserted between the first ...
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How to synchronise a folder from GitHub repository branch upon commit to a Dropbox directory?

Have you tried: ? A transparent bridge between Git and Dropbox - use a Dropbox (shared) folder as a Git remote!
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I need help with sorting query in Google Sheets

It seems you are sorting a single column when you need a pair to be sorted together. Taking what is on the left and clicking Sort as shown should return the order as shown on the right:
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Mathematics and decimal places

In this case, the issue is more with how Zapier handles the data sent from Cognito Forms than with Cognito Forms itself. All data sent via integrations, such as Zapier or JSON webhooks, is sent as ...
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Can Zapier set the Salesforce Owner ID as a Queue?

Yes, go to "Use a custom Value (Advanced)" and provide your Queue id, starting with 00G I think.
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