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the short form for three dimensional space. In web applications, it refers to an image that can be rotated to view the whole objects from different camera angles.
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for questions about 500px (500px.com)
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Online platform and social media website for sharing funny pictures and videos.
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a service that lets you create online one-page personal website with your bio and links to your websites.
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Apply to questions about restricting the availability of resources to users or services. Typically this would differentiate on a selective basis viewing from editing but may be, for example, to limit …
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Refers to the practice of making websites usable by people of all abilities and disabilities.
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Accessing and/or interacting with a web app often requires one of these
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For questions about recovering access to a user account
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Adobe's platform for online web meetings, teleconferences, and classrooms.
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Online advertisements that you see on a website to sell a product.
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Apply to questions about using Airbnb.com, the online marketplace for short-term lodging run by Airbnb, Inc.
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Use for questions about the cloud-hosted “spreadsheet-database hybrid” to be found at https://airtable.com/.
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a collection of photos.
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A web sites ranking service. It ranks sites based on tracking information of users of its Alexa Toolbar.
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for questions about interfacing with a Web Application and an Amazon Echo via an Alexa Skill. Other Amazon Echo questions are OFF TOPIC.
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should be used to differentiate questions about the system for managing documents, web, records, images etc from other questions on this site. Use when the topic is Alfresco, the Java-based o…
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Apply to questions about the use of alternative names, usually email addresses connected to the same account, and not for the Macintosh desktop icons.
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For questions about the use of Alibaba’s websites AliExpress that provide online retail services.
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Questions specifically about the use of Amazon.com. If your question is about an order you've placed with Amazon.com, you need to contact them directly.
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A web storage application from Amazon.
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a central part of Amazon.com's cloud computing platform, Amazon Web Services (AWS)
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Apply to questions about Amazon Music (was Amazon MP3) from Amazon.com, Inc. for music storage, purchase or streaming.
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Amazon Simple Storage Service - an online storage web service offered by Amazon Web Service.
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A web services platform in the cloud.
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The application of computer technology, operational research, and statistics to solve problems in business and industry.