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Currently working as an .NET Developer.

I am very inquisitive and tend to ask questions mostly on C#, and mostly about the little things that confuse people easily.

Proficient in the following Every-Day Languages/Technologies/Applications I use(self rated, could be biased :P, determinate to my level of .NET Development ):

  • ★★★★★ C#
  • ★★★★☆ ASP.NET
  • ★★★★☆ T-SQL
  • ★★★★★ Visual Studio 2008/2010/2012/2013
  • ★★★★☆ Javascript
  • ★★★★☆ Jquery
  • ★★★★★ HTML
  • ★★★☆☆ Angular JS
  • ★☆☆☆☆ F# (just started learning it)
  • ★★★☆☆ Batch Scripts

What I love about coding:

  • Playing with Fire (Cause bugs to figure out what not to do)
  • Optimizing code to reduce Cyclomatic Complexity and increase Maintainability
  • Figuring out Algorithms

  • Teaching Other Developers (though I don't answer a lot of questions on stack overflow due to fear of looking like a fool)

  • DISCOVERY. Always fun to experiment

What I hate about coding:

  • Having to deal with people who always think they are right, even when they are wrong or have no context of the current work.

  • Having to deal with purists.

  • Stagnant code
  • Doing 1500 Lines of code realizing I could have done it in around 40
  • Triple Nested Ternary Expressions (SERIOUSLY, WHO WRITES THOSE?!)
  • Keyboard Cats.

I am a Microsoft Certified Professional Developer. Here are my gloatbadges.


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