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Is it safe to use Gravatar?
22 votes

No! Don't give your portrait to Gravatar. Regardless of whether you trust Gravatar Corp, site owners can carelessly betray the identity of users posting under pseudonyms. A cautionary tale: Hashim ...

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Does Facebook provide an SSL/TLS interface?
Accepted answer
3 votes

As of July 2013, Facebook is https by default: We now use https by default for all Facebook users. This feature, which we first introduced as an option two years ago, means that your browser is ...

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How to see list of issues reported by me on GitHub?
2 votes

Rob at GitHub said the 'issues created by you' page is broken by design: Issues you've created in any other repository will only be available at the respective project's issues page. Our team is ...

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Why does facebook only optionally use https?
0 votes

Per Some mobile phones and mobile carrier gateways don't fully support https. While we're working ...

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